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The mission of the Child Development Center (CDC) is to (1) provide a full day program of educational activities which contribute to the positive mental, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical development of each child;...More

The mission of Auxiliary Services is to provide to churches and the surrounding community by providing quality religious materials and services as well as fun and games...More

The mission of the Recreation Center is to provide a comprehensive recreational program.  Recreational activities include:  basketball, volleyball, skating, billiards, table tennis, bumper pool, table games, aerobics, and walking on an indoor track...More 

The mission of the Counseling Center is to strengthen the Christian individual, family, and community through the development and implementation of counseling programs that meet the needs of the church and the surrounding community.  This includes but not limited to classes, seminars, and counseling programs on depression, stress reduction, martial therapy, and pre-marital counseling... More

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The mission of the Adult Services is to offer and monitor services to senior members of the community... More

Operation Nehemiah is a response to the cries of children and parents for a program to combat the increasing rates in illiteracy, drug abuse, violence, teenage pregnancy, and gang activity in the Huntsville community...More

The One-on-One-for One Mentoring Program matches one adult mentor with one youth for one year...More

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